AM WhatsApp APK is one of the most famous WhatsApp versions, plus it has many unique features that are not yet available in the original WhatsApp. These additional features include downloading friends’ statuses, hiding second ticks in chats, hiding last-seen statuses, and more. You will enjoy switching your messaging app to AM WhatsApp APK. It may also have some security issues like other mods, but it has many useful features and is worth using. It is one of the most developed mods for the original WhatsApp, admired by millions of users around the world.

Features of AM WhatsApp APK

Here are some essential features of AM WhatsApp APK:

  • You can pause the recording
  • Emoji reactions that make conversations work
  • You can save media like images or videos in your phone gallery even when media visibility is turned off
  • Users of AM WhatsApp APK can hide the download status button
  • You can copy the picture description text shared by your friends
  • You can choose a new ringtone when receiving and sending messages on WhatsApp
  • Unique style and bubble design for sending and receiving messages
  • You can create message schedules for multiple people at once
  • You can hide the contact name displayed at the top of the screen when sending an email
  • It has a feature where you can send group messages to more than 1000 people instead of 256
  • The option to share the site directly with friends is available
  • You can set reminders and listen to them even while you’re messaging or using other apps
  • With this mod you can select up to 100 documents to share instead of 30

  • You can add filters to improve image quality before sending
  • AM WhatsApp has a separate bottom bar
  • Provides animated GIFs and emoji
  • You can see who is blocking you
  • Default is Arabic
  • You can enable or disable dark mode
  • Quick access to every page
  • privacy options
  • In your AM WhatsApp APK you can hide your last activity and online status
  • You can hide the forwarded message label in a conversation
  • You can hide typing status, recording status, blue tick and second tick
  • You can choose who can call you

WhatsApp Status Downloader

You will have a unique feature about your WhatsApp status. You can download any status of your contacts, hide your status view, even you can make videos longer than 30 seconds as your WhatsApp status.

Autoresponder and Message Scheduling

You can set up an automatic reply that will be sent to your contacts if you are too busy to reply to a message. You can set message schedules to send messages at specific times and days.

Update Theme Store

The latest version of AM WhatsApp APK updated theme store with modern stylish themes to give your WhatsApp a new look. When you get bored with one theme, you can set any theme of your choice. In the latest version, there are more than four thousand themes.

control notification

In WhatsApp APK you can control notifications. You can change the color, style, type of notifications and how they appear to you.

iphone style

If you like WhatsApp in iPhone style, AM WhatsApp APK is for you. In this mod for original WhatsApp you can theme it to iPhone style.

Download AM WhatsApp APK

By default this mod for original WhatsApp is in Arabic language.

Follow the steps below to download AM WhatsApp:

  • First, you need to backup all files
  • To prevent your backup from being deleted upload it to the drive
  • You will receive a notification which you must click
  • Now you have to remove official WhatsApp from your device
  • Enable Allow apps from unknown sources in your phone settings
  • Download the latest version of AM WhatsApp from the link provided in this article
  • Install AM WhatsApp APK file
  • Complete all fields
  • None of the fields should be left blank
  • Your latest AM WhatsApp is now ready to use
  • Update AM WhatsApp APK to latest version

If you get a message asking you to update AM WhatsApp APK to the latest version, follow the steps below:

Download AM WhatsApp APK from the download button and you can have the latest version of the new AM WhatsApp

Now go to Adds, click on Updates, and search for new updates. If a new update is available, you will be notified from this option


Do not activate all privacy options that may include hide, receive, and read, as this will cause delays in accessing and sending messages.

AM WhatsApp App Restrictions

  Check out the limitations we are facing in AM WhatsApp app-

⦁ WhatsApp does not allow sending large files over 15 MB

⦁ You can select several people while broadcasting.

⦁ You may not copy someone else’s status.

⦁ You cannot access two accounts in one WhatsApp.

These are the limitations that people face while using WhatsApp. If you want to remove these restrictions and want to use WhatsApp with more great features enabled, then you must download AM WhatsApp on your Android phone. The great thing about this app is that it also supports non-rooted devices.

The latest AM WhatsApp users have increased in the last year. This is a fast growing modding application. The latest AM WhatsApp Apk is one of them.

What is AM WhatsApp apk?

As I told you, AM WhatsApp is a mod app official app with many useful extra features. It was originally developed by AM. We are all very grateful to him. AM WhatsApp also releases regular updates just like official WhatsApp. This Download AM WhatsApp apk contains many cool features such as custom themes, hide Bluetick, double tick, last seen and many other cool features. Downloading AM WhatsApp is safe and respects your privacy like the official WhatsApp. Let us have a look at the AM WhatsApp apk features.

These steps must be followed before uninstalling the official WhatsApp

If you want to download AM WhatsApp now, you must follow the steps below to keep your chat history on your new AM WhatsApp.

First, open your official WhatsApp

enter settings

Click Chat >> Click Chat Backup

Backups of your chats will be saved in your WhatsApp folder.

Rename the folder WhatsApp to AM WhatsApp

With this chat backup you can have this old chat on AM WhatsApp to be installed.

How to download AM WhatsApp on your Android phone

Installing AM WhatsApp on your mobile is very easy. If you have to enable a setting from your phone and you are ready to install any apk file from internal or external storage. Here’s how to enable this setting and follow the steps below to install AM WhatsApp Apk.

First download AM WhatsApp App apk: AM WhatsApp App

⦁ Just go to Settings Security and click on Unknown sources.

⦁ Now navigate to the download folder where you have recently downloaded AM WhatsApp.

⦁ Now open it, click install and install it.

⦁ AM WhatsApp installation is complete.

Now you are done managing many smart things and amaze your friends and colleagues. Now you can enjoy many advanced features in AM Whatsapp which are still not available in official WhatsApp.

frequently asked questions

Here, some frequently asked questions by users will be shared. You can find the answer about AM WhatsApp Apk here. Read these FAQs, and if you have further questions besides these, please leave them in the comment box.

Q.- Is it safe to use AM WhatsApp on my Android phone?

Ans.- Yes, it is completely safe.

Q:- Can iPhone users use this mod app?

Ans.- No, it is not.

Q.- Do I need to uninstall AM WhatsApp?

Ans.- No, you can have both Official and WhatsApp Mods installed at the same time.

Q.- Is it safe for my WhatsApp account to use AM WhatsApp Apk?

Ans.- Safe, your account will not be banned under the premise of proper use.

These are the main questions about this mod application. You can ask questions about AM WhatsApp apk in the comments. Will reply as soon as possible.


So, if you want to download AM WhatsApp apk on your phones, don’t wait. I have provided all required information that could be very useful and sufficient. AM WhatsApp apk releases regular updates to make it better. The developers of this mod WhatsApp have done a fantastic job and are improving the app every day.

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