WhatsApp is frequently used to share videos, photos, and audio and is used worldwide. For the convenience of users, new versions of WhatsApp are rolled out every day. The DMWhatsApp version is making a fuss these days. The app is released as a new update for WhatsApp. But this isn’t a new version of WhatsApp, it’s a completely different app. Whenever we think of any messaging app, WhatsApp is the first option that comes to our minds. If you want to use WhatsApp with additional features, you can download DMWhatsApp and install it on your device.

You can get many extra features with DMWhatsApp instead of official WhatsApp. Features like hiding online status and airplane mode are the core strengths of DMWhatsApp. It has extra privacy available and there is no cost to use this mod.

What is DMWhatsApp?

In short, DMWhatsApp Download APK is another WhatsApp Mod like WhatsApp Plus APK, along with many other WhatsApp Mod options.

It still has critical features like broadcast messages and popup notifications, as well as more advanced features like language features, screen display and resolution, advanced messaging features, custom themes or other theme features, styles, icons, voice, profiles, location Detection, and many other functions for users to enjoy.

This modified version of WhatsApp comes with many useful features that the official version of WhatsApp lacks. Perhaps one of the ultimate features is your ability to hide your last seen, blue tick, your online status, and more. It’s very good and a lot of people like it very much.

DMWhatsApp APK requirements:

The app can be installed on non-rooted and rooted devices. That means you will get this improved version of WhatsApp Messenger and enjoy exciting features without advanced hassles.

Before you start downloading this mod, make sure your smartphone supports installing apps from unknown sources. For Windows PC users, check out this tutorial to run Android games or applications on PC properly.

So how can you do this? Well, most of us already have that feature enabled. However, if you are installing the app for the first time, you must follow these steps:

  • go to settings
  • Scroll down from the Settings area. Go to the Security Settings tab.
  • Here, you’ll see an option to “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources.” Or on some phones, it’s just “Unknown Sources”. Enable it and you are good to go.
  • Once you’re done enabling the feature. You are ready to install mods on your Android device.

DMWhatsApp APK Features Summary:

DMWhatsApp offers customization and more. Check out the list below and we’re sure you’ll be convinced to buy this mod for your device.

Auto Reply: First, when you want to reply to any friend at any time, you can also use this auto reply feature

DND Mod: If you use other apps on your Android phone and don’t want to be bothered by Whatsapp messages, then you can use the DND feature to disable Internet connection for DMWhatsApp only.

Text Message Broadcast: You can send broadcast text messages to groups, which is a great feature.

Filter Messages: DMWhatsApp APK is formulated with Filter Messages feature which gives users an option to clear chats which also filters your messages.

Anti-revocation message: with anti-revocation message function.

Share Live Location: Additionally, users can share their real-time location with their friends using DMWhatsApp 2022.

Great Effects: Users can add great and unique effects while sending pictures and videos to friends and relatives.

Revokes multiple messages: multiple messages can be undone at once.

Send most pictures: Also, you can send more than 90 pictures at a time compared to official Whatsapp.

Endless Themes: Also Introduced In This Modified Version Of Whatsapp Themes Feature. So there are so many amazing themes and emojis that you can apply to your phone according to your pattern.

Download Status: Another great feature of this app is that you can download pictures and videos of status uploaded by other contacts.

Amazing Font: Are you bored with old fonts? Then, using this feature, you can choose your favorite font. Use this feature to customize your favorite fonts.

Message History: You can view the history of dismissed messages from your contacts and groups.

Change Contact: Change the media visibility of a specific contact in the gallery.

Select All Chats: With this application, it is possible to select all chats at once from the home screen.

Hidden state: You can hide the recording state.

Language: Another best feature, with the help of this language feature, you can select the language from the ones that are missing by default.

Popup Notifications: Another incredible feature of DMWhatsApp APK is that you can hide this app’s popup notifications from your home screen.

DMWhatsApp latest version information:

Number of Downloads30000+
Last Updated1 Day Ago

DMWhatsApp – Features, Pros and Cons

DMWhatsApp is a WhatsApp MOD, an Android app that can be used to get in touch with your contacts, but includes new features not found in the original app. This is a modification of the original application created by a third party not authorized by the legal owner. This mod was actually a real success because it included some additional features that the user community actually wanted.

You can send text messages, video clips, call, send audio messages, share documents, create group chats. This MOD also provides all interactive options of WhatsApp. It’s actually created on top of the source code of the original app, so it’s understandable why it has the exact same functionality and can be used to do the exact same things.

Why is DMWhatsApp not on Play Store?

The Google Play Store requires software applications to pass certain security standards as well as individual privacy in order to be authorized. For this reason, the fact that it’s not readily available in the store means it doesn’t follow Google’s guidelines to be included in the official store.

DMWhatsApp uses the source code of the WhatsApp application, but has no official certificate. This indicates that there is no opportunity to verify that the software program is safe and free of viruses or malware. Unlike official WhatsApp, there are no guarantees that security standards exist for using the software application.

With DMWhatsApp and various other custom variants, you can:

  • Download status directly on your phone
  • Hide double ticks and blue ticks
  • Hide last seen for specific contacts
  • Create group names longer than 35 characters
  • Make a broadcast with about 600 contacts instead of 250
  • Also send APK file
  • Send 90 photos at a time instead of 10 images
  • Personalize app icons and styles
  • Send 50 MB video clips instead of 16 Mb
  • Individual chats can also be locked
  • Privacy options with more features
  • Advantages of DMWhatsApp:
  • You can use dual WhatsApp on the same device.
  • You can set up autoresponders just like your WhatsApp Business account.
  • You can lock conversations individually.
  • Different privacy options.
  • More chat options.
  • Further reading: How to download a webpage or article for offline reading
  • about its risks
  • This app is not from a reliable source and may contain some insidious signs that may compromise user privacy.
  • Personal data of customers may be collected.
  • There are many possibilities for injecting virus or malware through DMWhatsApp on your phone. Because DMWhatsApp is hosted on less secure hosting servers.
  • There are plenty of opportunities for any type of third person to read your message. Also, a third person can read all the messages you share through DMWhatsApp.

Is DMWhatsApp dangerous?

If you use DMWhatsApp, then your original WhatsApp account may be blocked. This clone app steals user’s information. Most importantly this app is not available in Google Play Store. To download it, you need to download its APK file, which is not a safe option. If you don’t want to delete your original WhatsApp, you should not use DMWhatsApp.

in conclusion

DMWhatsApp is a free app that lets you change the color of your conversations. It comes in a variety of color schemes, including blue, yellow, red, and green. You can also choose a specific color to make your conversation look more interesting.

The color scheme and overall look of the dialog can be changed by changing the theme. The best part of using this app is that it’s completely free!

So these are some of the incredible features of this app. You should find more reasons to use this mod instead of regular WhatsApp messenger there. Bookmark this page to get regular updates on DMWhatsApp. If you have any questions, you can leave a comment below.

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