Fouad WhatsApp mod apk latest version update 2023, the best android officially modified WhatsApp developed by Fouad. This new anti-ban Fouad WhatsApp can be installed and run on Android devices, any WhatsApp mod apk that has been installed and run without any problem. You can use this Fouad WhatsApp 19.50.5 apk latest version to use multiple accounts on one device simultaneously.

On this WhatsApp mod you have many features that the official WhatsApp messenger lacks, hide or freeze your last seen content, hide blue ticks on sent messages, hide typing and recording, and many more features, and has Find and get ready to experience and enjoy these great features.

Besides this Fouad WhatsApp 19.50.5 latest update this month 2023, we have released a new update WhatsApp mod apk, Fouad WhatsApp pro the beast leading whatsapp pro mod has official whatsapp messenger and not in this version Top features are not uploaded to Google Play Store.

Now you can download Fouad WhatsApp 19.50.5 apk and use it with Fouad WhatsApp update latest version and make them work on your android devices at the same time, each with different accounts, different phone numbers.

Why Fouad WhatsApp mod apk?

Some people may not like to use other whatsapp version, mod version or official whatsapp provided by Facebook, only this modified Fouad WhatsApp apk has many features to differentiate all whatsapp mobile apps.

You can always make it as personal as you want by making it unique with easy customization and many free to use whatsapp themes, you can also create your own whatsapp themes and share themes with friends and family.

Fouad WhatsApp update feature makes it most popular now most of the time download and use it on android, hide view status, you can hide typing or recording audio status while using Fouad WhatsApp latest version, no one can be in another side see it, you can send message to any whatsapp user without saving their phone number in your contacts

You can explore more features below

·Set the wallpaper on the main interface of Fouad WhatsApp

·Option to place an image next to the bubble

·Images in external/internal dialogue

· Take photos in groups outside/inside

· Preview entry designs before applying

·Date pending message color in main screen

·Date color in key screen

·Voice note playback button color

·Tone play bar

· Retweet icon color

· Call Barrier

·Android 8.0+ white navigation bar

· Protecting custom themes now automatically creates a .zip

· Bypass WhatsApp lock with tricks from YoWidget

· A white current bar will cause the viewing image to be cropped.

· You can view Fouad WhatsApp messages even after deleting them with the undelete message function

· Forward marks not allowed

· Hide media from the phone gallery

· Loading themes do not apply to wallpapers

APP NAMEFouad WhatsApp
Number of Downloads30000+
Last Updated1 Day Ago

How to install Fouad WhatsApp 19.50.5 apk new update

First download Fouad WhatsApp 19.21 apk latest version, if you are new to Fouad WhatsApp and it is your first time to use it, and if you already have Fouad WhatsApp installed on your device, you don’t need to run through this process and proceed with the normal download And install Fouad WhatsApp apk.

1. You may need to enable unknown sources in settings if not already enabled 2. On the Fouad WhatsApp menu, click Settings

3. Then click Chat

4. Then chat backup

5. And make a backup by clicking on the backup button

6. Go to device settings and uninstall the official WhatsApp version 7. Install Fouad WhatsApp apk

8. Once the installation is complete, provide your phone number

9. Then on Restore Backups, click yes and complete the other steps

application notes

Fouad WhatsApp mod allows users of the basic WhatsApp app to enjoy more flexibility, permissions and control over their accounts. This is a problem they may have been facing when using the traditional app model, but this mod makes it all better.

Some of the user-centric features of Fouad WhatsApp include but are not limited to:

File Sharing – WhatsApp allows you to share about 10 images at a time, and there is even a limit to the file size of videos and documents that can be shared with the service. With Fouad WhatsApp, users can share up to 100 images simultaneously and can send video files as large as 50MB at a time.

Audio files up to 100MB in size can also be shared instantly with miss contacts without any compression.

Scheduling – Birthdays, meeting reminders, broadcasts and other such important messages can be scheduled in advance. This saves you the hassle of forgetting and scrambling to send a message because it’s too late.

Anti-Revoke Messages – Never worry about people deleting messages after sending you them again. With this feature, you can read all deleted messages as if they still exist.

Privacy – Fouad WhatsApp is also big on privacy, making sure users can delete their last seen status, preventing others from knowing when they checked their status, removing the second (delivered) tick and hiding listened to recordings blue dot. However, unlike traditional WhatsApp, you can still see this information from other contacts.

To enjoy all this and more just download Fouad WhatsApp Pro from the box above, also click here if you want to read the full instructions.

System Requirements

  • Requires Android 4.0 or above
  • It can be installed on rooted or non-rooted Android devices
  • Installing apps via APK files requires Unknown Sources to be activated.

Why is Fouad Whatsapp unsafe?

While Fouad Whatsapp has several interesting features, the end-to-end encryption that is the essence of WhatsApp messaging is gone. Although apps like Fouad WhatsApp use the WhatsApp name, there are no security measures and WhatsApp discourages users from using such apps lest they become victims of privacy violations. Additionally, it has been mentioned several times that multiple APK download URLs for Fouad WhatsApp were found to be infected with malware, putting users at risk of being attacked. Therefore, for these security reasons, WhatsApp advises users to revert to using the old app and provides instructions on how to do so in its security notification.

Is Fouad WhatsApp safe for video calls?

There are several reasons why Fouad WhatsApp is not verified by Play Protect and does not have an official website. Therefore, video calls cannot be made in unsafe conditions. Take into account that third parties may have access to your data.

Features of Fouad WhatsApp

  • You can use Fouad WhatsApp and other mods to:
  • Download status directly to your phone.
  • Hide one blue tick and one double tick.
  • hide a contact last seen
  • Create a broadcast with up to 600 people instead of 250 contacts.
  • Alternatively, send the APK file
  • Send 90 images at once instead of 10.
  • Customize application themes and icons


Fouad WhatsApp is undoubtedly a great application to install on your mobile device. As you can see above, the app has many features that you can enjoy. This is in addition to any issues that have been fixed in the app.

Download the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp on your device and start enjoying all that it has to offer.

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