GBWhatsApp is the latest 2023 update is another WhatsApp apk mod which is the latest modified version of the official WhatsApp apk with all its features and added extra GB WhatsApp features to make it the best version for Android users with features like having More accounts for your favorite different phone numbers which cannot be found on official WhatsApp when downloading.

The developer created this GBWhatsApp to run concurrently with other WhatsApp versions, which allows you to have two WhatsApp apps or accounts on one device at the same time with different phone numbers, such as GBWhatsApp Anti-Ban and other modified versions of these The most used official WhatsApp app of the day WhatsApp plus apk 2023 When you get banned on other WhatsApp mods, you can use one of the versions.

This android app is most used for free calling and messaging, unlimited and free forever with high security. If you have any doubts about being restricted or banned, you can safely use GBWhatsApp without worrying about being banned or having your number canceled. Updating to the latest version of GBWhatsApp is available for download via the direct download link.

How To Download the Latest Version Of The Most Popular GBWhatsApp APK Of 2023 Built By GBApps Team – 100% Anti-Ban & Ad-Free

In the modern era, no one can ignore the role of WhatsApp. It’s been with us since we got our first phone. Its flexibility, clean interface, and free service make it stand out from other applications. However, the simple version of WhatsApp sometimes simply doesn’t give us what we want. So GBWhatsApp came to solve this problem. This app source code is based on WhatsApp, but it has some extra crazy features that the original WhatsApp doesn’t have unless you download GBWhatsApp.

How to save all old chat messages, photos, and videos of GBWhatsApp on the new update?

As we saw above how to install GBWhatsApp apk, here is a way to install this app with all your previous conversions which may contain your precious photos, videos, messages, and files like PDFs, books, etc.

When you uninstall your whatsapp app from your device (all versions, official or mod version) you will lose all chat messages with all content but you can restore them when you delete this app from your android. This requires you to back up your WhatsApp chats before deleting the app.

To do so follow this:

·Open your already installed WhatsApp

·Continue to setup

· Then select chat

· Then chat backup

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Last Updated1 Day Ago

To get back to your previous conversations, do the following while installing a newly updated WhatsApp:

· After the installation is complete, enter the mobile phone number

· Follow the verification process

· Then at the restore prompt, select yes and process to restore your chat

What is GBWhatsApp?

GBWhatsApp (GBWA) is another WhatsApp mod that provides users with a simple, minimalist, and free messaging service while maintaining security and functionality. It’s fast, secure, and reliable, and we don’t even want to use any other apps. The developers of GBWhatsapp’s latest version are constantly updating the app and adding tons of new features that are useful for our daily use. Its main features are Do Not Disturb (DND) mode, Hide Online Status, Customization, and Auto-Reply features. All these features work smoothly without any issues. This version of WhatsApp is also free of bugs and viruses that may be encountered with any other messaging app.

Due to these modified features, GBWhatsapp has become very popular in a short period, but unfortunately, you won’t find it easily on the internet, so we are simplifying it for you. Therefore, we have tried to introduce you to GBWhatsApp in this article. In this article, we will introduce you to GBWhatsApp and its features. To learn more about this mod, please read the full article and give us your valuable feedback.


As we mentioned before, GBWhatsApp has many customization and security features. We’ve listed these features below so you can check them out for yourself after installation.

Anti-Ban Mod

When using this app, you can be sure that you will never get banned while using WhatsApp. It comes with a 100% Anti-Ban Guarantee, thus making sure you stay safe while using the app.

You will never have to worry about being banned from texting and calling your friends and family again if you download this popular app.

Call an unsaved number

Sometimes, you just need to contact one person for a single transaction. If you have been using WhatsApp, you must be aware of the fatigue of saving a number before you can call it, but now you can get rid of this necessity because GBWhatsApp allows you to call non-saved numbers very easily. This is a very handy feature that has attracted many users across the globe.

Built-in message dispatcher

Message Scheduler is a feature that we can use to schedule the sending of any message without using the phone at that time unless our internet connection should be on. Newer versions of GBWhatsApp have added this feature and users love using it.

Set group name up to 35 characters

In the original app, group names can only contain 25 characters. With the latest version of GBWhatsApp, you can extend the group name to a total of 35 characters.

Built-in status download function

In the original WhatsApp, you could only view status photos and videos. This feature makes the messaging app more fun because it’s not limited to messaging. You can spice things up with GBWhatsApp’s status download feature so you can share and keep those memories.

Copy anyone’s status on the clipboard

In production, we have to enter all the statuses ourselves which is very annoying and time-consuming. With GBWhatsApp you can copy a contact’s status and paste it anywhere you want. This feature is included in the latest version of GBWhatsApp.

Built-in Whatsapp locker

We all need privacy and GBWhatsApp gives you the best privacy options you could ask for as having an enabled WhatsApp locker gives you privacy. GBWhatsApp has a built-in WhatsApp locker to lock your secret messages, so when other people hold your phone and make a call, they won’t be able to open WhatsApp and view your messages.

block specific contacts

Sometimes we get annoyed by frequent calls to our contacts or people we don’t want to answer the phone. GBWhatsApp allows you to block contacts by adjusting the settings of a specific contact. Your contacts won’t even know they’ve been blocked.

Send up to 90 images at a time

One of the great features of WhatsApp is that it allows you to send photos in high quality compared to other messaging apps. GBWhatsApp provides an opportunity to send up to 90+ pictures to your friends at a time, which saves time and you won’t get tired from frequently sending pictures from the gallery to your contacts. This is one of the most amazing features in GBWhatsApp that one can ask for.

more characters for written status

In the official app, you must limit your status to 130 characters. It can be very frustrating to write. In the latest version of GBWhatsApp, the limit has increased to 250 characters. This is fine if you use long and many words in your status.

other features

  • new design
  • New emoji and base
  • Added new themes and stickers
  • Fixed all crashes from previous versions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Why Should I Download GBWhatsapp

Is GB WhatsApp an official app?

GBWhatsApp is not an official app, it is developed by third-party users and is known as a modified version of WhatsApp. These modified versions have more enhanced features compared to the official WhatsApp application, but they may ban these modified versions of WhatsApp because they violate their privacy policy.

Where can I download GBWhatsApp?

Since these modified versions are developed by third-party users, they are not available on the Google Play Store. It’s the only one available on the web, you can download GBWA using the link below.

Can I use the same account for official Whatsapp and GBWhatsapp?

Yes, you can use the same account for the official Whatsapp and GBWhatsapp APK. But the only problem is that when you try to log into your account other apps of Whatsapp apps won’t work. You will need to log back in and the same thing will happen again. This way you cannot use one account in WA and GBWA at the same time. However, if you are patient enough to log in and out repeatedly, you can still use an account.

Is GBWhatsApp free to use?

GBWhatsApp is completely free to use. To use GBWhatsApp, all you have to do is download and install the app on your Android smartphone and you can use it now for free.

Will I be banned from GBWhatsapp?

In the past, using WhatsApp mods could result in your account being banned by WhatsApp Inc. With the anti-ban feature, your account will not be banned even if you use third-party mods for the messaging app.

How to install GBWhatsApp APK on Android devices?

Step 1: Click the download button below to download the latest version.

Step 2: Go to the download folder of your device where you will find the GBWhatsApp Pro APK file.

Step 3: Install it like any other app on your Android device.

Step 4: Enter your number to register and choose a display image for your profile to complete the setup.

You are done. Enjoy the new excellent WhatsApp version! !!

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