GM WhatsApp APK 2023 is the best modified WhatsApp version among all mods. If you want to download WhatsApp mods with great features and an anti-ban system, then you must know about GM WhatsApp. GM WhatsApp is not like those temporary mods of WhatsApp that are used to provide your information. It is better to know the features of GM WhatsApp APK so that you can read this article till the end.

Since we need official WhatsApp has limited functionality in terms of privacy, themes, customization, etc. To solve this problem, third-party developers have created many mods for WhatsApp, but most of them just ban our account for temporary use only. But when we talk about GM WhatsApp apk, it has all these features of mod along with privacy and security. We can say that it is used permanently. To know what is amazing, just read here and find out for yourself.

What’s amazing about GM WhatsApp APK?

GM WhatsApp has a lot of cool stuff, some of which can be found here and some in the features section. As you may know, WhatsApp mods are now available on the internet and most of them are limited in time. There are too many bugs and bugs and so on, and they get our accounts banned every time we try to use their features on a regular basis. But you know, GM WhatsApp, it’s not like them. It does not prohibit you from using those modified features of WhatsApp. Here are the most important things to know about GMWhatsApp APK for Android. Read the article to know more about this Amazing WhatsApp Mod.

Features of GM WhatsApp APK

This is the best part, where you can find GM WhatsApp APK features. So let’s start with the exclusive features. These features enhance multimedia, privacy, customization, themes, emoji, and more, which you can find here. let’s start.

  • Can be used forever
  • Ability to see deleted messages
  • Ability to view deleted status
  • hide view state
  • custom last seen
  • built-in locker
  • block individual calls
  • Hide the blue tick and the second tick
  • Hide date and time when copying messages
  • Improved media sharing
  • Video files up to 700Mb can be sent at a time
  • Easily send high-quality images in their original resolution
  • Themes, emoji, fonts and languages
  • Theme Emoji and Language
  • GMWhatsApp Theme Store
  • new sticker pack
  • new emoji
  • More language support like Arabic, Spanish, Spanish, etc.
  • Customizable Features of GM WhatsApp
  • Customizable features of GM Whatsapp
  • A custom name for the app’s home screen
  • custom scale style
  • custom launcher icon
  • Can change notification bar icon
  • Ability to set custom wallpapers for contacts
  • Customize the text size on the home screen
  • Themes can be created and customized
  • Customizable widgets
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Last Updated1 Day Ago

What’s New in GM Whatsapp APK Latest Version

In the new version of GMWhatsApp for Android, previous bugs are fixed and many new features are brought.

  • It’s totally banned now
  • Fixed a crash while recording
  • Fixed a bug when you couldn’t add new stickers
  • base update
  • A unique new typeface released
  • Improved built-in lock system
  • safer
  • Fixed other bugs and bugs

The new updated version of GMWhatsApp APK fixes many old bugs and bugs. In previous versions, our accounts were sometimes banned, but in this new version, the anti-ban feature has been greatly improved. Also, it contains many new features, such as a built-in lock feature that helps us lock private chats. This new version is even more secure using a fresh update base. Have fun with GM WhatsApp, download it now.

GMWhatsApp Explanation Feature

Here we will explain the features of GMWhatsApp APK, if you don’t know much about these features, you can read below. I hope it helps you understand all the features easily.

  • Anti-Ban and Other Privacy: With the latest version of GM WhatsApp we got many features regarding privacy. By the way, GM WhatsApp is anti-ban. Use as many features as possible.
  • We can use GM WhatsApp APK permanently as it will not cause our account to be banned. It’s safe and secure. It is not like some mods for WhatsApp, which offer us a lot of functions, but we can only use them temporarily. That’s why it’s better than all.
  • Using GM WhatsApp, we can see those deleted messages by others in our chat box. This is a great feature that the official WhatsApp doesn’t have.
  • In GM WhatsApp we can see “Deleted Status” of our friends, that is when any of your contacts put status but after some time, user deletes it, then you can see deleted status.
  • Now we can hide our status view to be discreet at times, which is a nice feature of GMWhatsApp APK. Also, we can customize our “Last Seen” so that it doesn’t sometimes get noticed.
  • GMWhatsApp supports a new feature with which we can block individual calls instead of blocking them completely. This is a useful feature that came out recently.
  • In the new version we have a built in locker feature. It helps us lock down our private chats so they are safe. Also, we can hide the blue tick and the second tick.
  • In GMWhatsApp we can hide the date and time while copying the message, this is a great feature with the help of which we can easily copy the message because in official WA whenever we copy the message the date and time are also will be copied, so it takes time to edit the text, and we have to remove the date and time ourselves.
  • Extended Multimedia Features: In official WhatsApp, multimedia options are at a very low level. As you know, we cannot send high quality images and videos. But in GM WhatsApp, there are many new features that have arrived that we can utilize to save ourselves time.
  • As you know, the official WA provides some small features in terms of video sharing. We can only share small videos, even if they are sent in very low quality, but in the latest version of GMWhatsApp APK, we are able to send 700Mb of videos to our friends at a time, awesome, right?
  • We can share more than 10 images at once to save time. Also, all images and videos will be sent in their original quality.
  • In GMWhatsApp we can record audio without holding down the microphone button. This is a useful feature and easy to use. For WhatsApp mods only.
  • Themes, Emoji, Fonts and Languages: In the older version, there wasn’t much to do with themes, fonts and languages. But with the latest version of GM WhatsApp, we can get these features.
  • GM WhatsApp Theme Store updated with new and customized themes. You can try them, you will love them.
  • New emoji and fonts have appeared in this latest version. Choose any font you like for free. In addition, GM WhatsApp also supports new languages such as Arabic, Spanish, Spanish, etc.
  • Customizable features: With new customizable features, we can do almost anything. We can use customized themes, emoji, etc.
  • We can customize the “App Name” that appears on the main screen of the app when we open GM WhatsApp. We can use any interesting name.
  • We can customize the scale style, launcher icon in the latest version of GMWhatsApp APK. Also, we can change the notification bar icon to make our application look more attractive.
  • In this version we can customize themes and also create them. Also, we can customize widgets. With this, we can give our UI a nice look.

installation steps

Before you exit this website, you can read the installation guide for GMWhatsApp (GM WA). Because there is no installation guide, there will be problems when installing. Please follow these simple steps below to install this application properly.

step 1:

After downloading GMWhatsApp, you must enable installation from unknown sources. We need to enable this option because GMWA is not available in official stores like Play Store. To enable installations from unknown sources, go to > Settings > Security > Permissions > Enable Unknown Sources.

Step 2:

Now that you have enabled installation from unknown sources, you must locate the GM WhatsApp file on your device. For this, you have to go to > Device Storage > Downloads > GMWhatsApp APK. Now just hit the install button and wait a few seconds. It depends on the capabilities of your device.

Step 3:

The installation of GMWhatsApp APK latest version is done safely. Now you can open GMWA APK, create an account and enjoy all these features in your device. Also see more details here.

Cons of using GM WhatsApp

Unlike all the controllable and customizable features of GM WhatsApp, there may be a 5% to 10% chance of getting banned. Although in terms of bans, only a certain percentage of cases have arrived. But I recommend you use it at your own risk. But one thing is for sure, GM WhatsApp is improving with every update. The new update is more secure and anti-ban.

frequently asked questions

Here, we will give you answers to some frequently asked questions about GM WhatsApp. So here to clear your mind, I hope this FAQ will help you.

Question 1. Is GMWhatsApp 2023 safe to use?

Yes, GMWhatsApp is 100% safe to use. Use it as long as you want. It does not contain any malware or viruses, so it is safe to use. You can create an account and use all features, and it won’t ban your account.

Question 2. Does GMWhatsApp contain regular updates?

Yes, GM WhatsApp is updated periodically from time to time. It always improves itself with updates. Like, in the current update, many new features have arrived and bugs and bugs have been fixed. You can download the latest version here.

Question 3. Can I send high quality pictures and videos on GM WhatsApp?

Yes, as I said before, with the help of GM WhatsApp APK, we can share videos up to 700 Mb at a time. Also, we can share videos and images in original quality. This feature is not available in the official app.

Q4. Can I use Google Play Store sticker packs for GM WhatsApp?

Absolutely, download sticker packs from Play Store and use them in GM WhatsApp. In the current version, the bug when we can’t use the sticker pack has also been fixed.

Q5. Is changing font supported in GMWhatsApp APK?

Yes, GMWhatsApp supports so many fonts. It contains amazing fonts, wallpapers, themes and more. Use any of them for free.


The conclusion of GM WhatsApp is simple. It’s safe, secure and customizable. Unlike many WhatsApp mods, it’s safe and better than all of them. It contains many features that help us improve your WhatsApp experience. Also, it contains the latest updates and is updated regularly. So, what do you think? Download GM WhatsApp latest version from our website in one click.

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