hello everyone! Welcome to the post about JT WhatsApp 2023 download, where you will learn all the features of JT WhatsApp and its installation guide, and get the latest version. No doubt WhatsApp is great. If I ask anyone which of the communications apps that let you connect with your family and friends is at the top, the answer will be WhatsApp, right? Read on to learn more about the JT WhatsApp 2023 APK download.

What is JT WhatsApp APK 2023?

JT WhatsApp APK 2023 is a modified version of WhatsApp, just like the download of GBWhatsApp APK. WhatsApp is popular around the world because of its amazing features, easy-to-use interface, and end-to-end encryption to protect your privacy. But there are some limitations and lack of functionality. For example, you cannot limit who can call you. JT WhatsApp eliminates these limitations with its features.

JT WhatsApp APK 2023

It has many additional functions, such as customized privacy settings for contacts, groups and broadcasts, hidden online status, frozen last view, hidden message view status, automatic reply function, message scheduler, download status, more than 4000 topics, fully customizable interface, and many other functions. You can also install and use these two applications together with the official application. It allows you to use two accounts on the same device.

JT WhatsApp APK Details

  • Name: JT WeChat
  • Version: v9.50
  • APK size: 45MB
  • Operating system required: Android
  • Category: WhatsApp mod
  • Last updated 1 day ago
  • Download address:JT Whatsapp Apk

The following are the features available in JT WhatsApp. Please note that all features of WhatsApp can also be used in JT WhatsApp. We only write functions that are not available in the official WhatsApp.

  • Unsaved number of message
  • Automatic reply
  • Message Scheduler
  • Broadcast up to 1024 contacts
  • Unlimited “view once” images and videos
  • Forward messages without forwarding status
  • Hide contact name
  • Contact Toast
  • Freeze Last seen
  • Incoming settings
  • Hide status view information
  • De delete status and message
  • Blue tick after reply
  • Lock in WhatsApp and chat
  • Hide Chat
  • Customized privacy settings for contacts, groups, and broadcasts
  • Hide blue scale
  • Hide Second Scale
  • Hide typing status
  • Hide blue microphone
  • Hide Recording
  • Sounder
  • 4000+topics
  • 6 emoticon variants
  • More than 60 font styles
  • Customize Launcher and Notification Icons
  • Hide media files from gallery
  • Share images at full resolution
  • Sharing unlimited images at one time
  • Always online
  • Increase forwarding limit to 250 chats
  • Customize the home page and conversation screen
  • Flight Mode
  • Individual tabs for contact chats and groups
  • Download Status

JT WhatsApp APK Function Description

Broadcast up to 1024 contacts

The official WhatsApp allows you to broadcast messages to up to 256 contacts. If you run a business and want to spread some information to more than 500 people, you must go through the process of selecting contacts many times. However, you can select up to 1024 contacts in this MOD at a time. It can save you valuable time.

Hide Online Status/Freeze Last View

If you want to stay online on WhatsApp without showing your online status to others, you can freeze your last online time. Whenever your friends open their WhatsApp and visit your chat room, WhatsApp will show that you are offline, and whether you are online or not, the last time you saw it was XYZ time. XYZ time is the time when you activate this function.

Always online

If you want to show others that you are online, whether you use WhatsApp or not, you can open the “Always Online” option in JTMods>>Universal>>Settings. It will remain online until you remove the JT WhatsApp APK download from the recent tab. Ah!! So you can play your favorite games and watch your favorite movies. oh oh oh clever.

More than 60 font styles

Tired of using the same font style over and over again? Me too. Then I got the JT WhatsApp APK. It has more than 60 font styles. You can use any of them. Roboto Light, Bariol, ComicSans, Cheri, Pacifico, Oswal Harvey, etc. If you do not know these names, ignore them. You can use Harry Potter, Transformers, comics, cursive, doughnuts and many other cool font styles.

Hide contact name

Many people have the bad habit of peeking at our mobile phones to know who we are talking to. To prevent them from peeking, you can hide the contact’s name in the chat. It removes the name from the top bar and leaves it blank.

Customize privacy settings

You can use various privacy settings to hide your online status, receive messages, and read messages from others. It gives you the option to hide the second scale, blue scale, typing and recording status. Hiding the second tick will not display the message you have received, and hiding the blue tick will not display the message you have seen after reading the message. There will be only one tick in the sender’s chat. You can set these settings for all contacts, or select custom settings for each contact or group.

Blue tick after reply

As long as you do not reply to any message, you can safely hide the second and blue tick. If it is time to reply to someone, please enable this feature. After you reply to them, it will show your friends a blue tick.

Thousands of topics

You don’t need to use the same old dark and light themes. Refresh your JT WhatsApp APK every day. You will get more than 4000 topics. It has themes ranging from abstract, animal, aircraft, animation to venom, Vincent, walking corpses, etc. Apply any theme you like.

Incoming settings

Apart from the notification tone, WhatsApp has no official call settings. Anybody can call you. There must be settings to limit unwanted calls. This is why JT WhatsApp adds these settings to this module. You can choose who can call you; Everyone, your contacts, your contacts other than X, only the selected contacts, or nobody.

Online points on the home screen

To know who is online, you don’t have to enter chat again. JT WhatsApp displays a green dot in the online chat on the home screen. You can also enable the last seen status and online point. Go to JTMods>>Home>>Line. You will find these settings in this tab.


Playing with your friends is a great feature. It includes robots, babies, teenagers, deep, drunk, fast, underwater, slow motion and reverse sound. When you record and send an audio message, it is converted to the selected voice.

View messages and status that have been deleted and are viewed only once

When someone sends you a message and deletes it, you will only see “This message has been deleted” in the chat. When someone uploads the status and then deletes it, you won’t even know the status upload in the official application. However, in the JT WhatsApp APK, these messages and statuses will not be deleted from your chat and status screens. This is the most useful function of this mod.

Disable image sharing restrictions

When sharing with others, you can select up to 30 images at a time. When the number of images exceeds 30, you must reselect them to share them. You can disable this limit in this MOD and select any number of images at once. You can share more than 30 pictures with someone without having to perform the same process multiple times.

Use two accounts on the same device

You can install JT WhatsApp and official WhatsApp. The package names of the two official apps are different, so you don’t need to uninstall them. It allows you to use two WhatsApp accounts on the same device.

Download Status

JT WhatsApp has the function of downloading status. If you want to download someone’s status, please open his/her status and click the download button displayed in the lower right corner. You will find the download status in the internal storage>>JT WhatsApp>>Media>>JT WhatsApp Status folder. You can also copy their titles.

Message Scheduler

Message Scheduler, as its name implies, allows you to schedule messages. You can enter messages, dates and times, and contacts. On the entered date and time, JT WhatsApp will automatically send the message to all the entered contacts. You can schedule any number of messages as needed. No restrictions.

Lock and hide chat

You can protect your chat by setting a password, fingerprint or PIN. You can also hide chat records. Hidden chats do not appear in search results or contact lists. JT WhatsApp asks you for a password whenever you try to open the hidden list.

JT WhatsApp APK Installation Guide:

  • All the steps you need to follow to install JT WhatsApp APK on your device.
  • Download the JT WhatsApp APK from the download button given in this article.
  • After downloading the APK, open it using one of the following methods:
  • Open the Download tab on your browser and click APK.
  • Open the notification panel and click its “Download Complete” notification.
  • Go to File Manager and navigate to the download folder or the folder where it was downloaded. Then click APK
  • When you open APK, if this is the first time you have installed APK from outside the Play Store, you will be asked to enable “Install from unknown source
  • Install application “. To do this, navigate to Settings>>Security. You will find this option in this tab. Enable it and return to the
  • Use the program. Open it again.
  • The installation window will then open. Click the Install button.
  • APK will begin to install on your device. Make it complete.
  • When you are finished, open the application to create your account and enjoy its functions.


What features are at risk?

The default forwarding limit is 5 contacts. You can increase this limit to 250 chats in this MOD. But it also increases the risk of obtaining a ban. Therefore, use it at your own risk.

What is flight mode?

Airplane mode disables sending and receiving messages. When it opens, you will be offline. In this way, you can go offline from WhatsApp without turning off the Internet.


JT WhatsApp 2023 is the best WhatsApp MOD with many additional privacy, security and customization functions. You can use different numbers to use it with the official application. The installation is completely safe. Its stability makes it superior to other MODs.

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