We all know that WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps with millions of active users around the world. When the app launched a decade ago, it didn’t attract much attention and didn’t have a large user base. But it simplifies messaging and brings other capabilities, such as calling, video calling, voice mail, and sending multimedia items, that were not possible with regular SMS at the time.

In short, WhatsApp has brought about a revolution and more and more people have joined the movement to keep in touch with their loved ones. Along the way, many new options and features were added, but as the app got older, it started to feel a bit outdated. Users are forced to work with a rigid interface that hasn’t changed much over the years.

Also, without customization options, users cannot freely use the app in the way they like. Earlier, there weren’t many options, and users had to accept whatever the creators forced or offered. However, many developers have taken the initiative and launched various versions of the popular app.

The main reason behind these versions is to give users more freedom to customize and use the app the way they like and keep the app updated with new and modern features that other apps have. Popular variants of WhatsApp include GB Whatsapp, WhatsApp Plus, YoWa WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, TM WhatsApp, WhatsApp Aero, WA Tweaker WhatsApp, and many more.

However, today we will be discussing the much-hyped MBWhatsApp. Many have called it one of the best variants and a very fitting version of the original application. Here we will give you full details about this application including its features, FAQ, download file and steps on how to download and install it on your device. Keep scrolling to learn more.

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Features of MBWhatsApp App:

MBWhatsApp is basically a modified/adapted version of the original WhatsApp that we use on a daily basis. The app is developed by MBMokded who has been working on bringing some great features and customizations to regular users through this app. Anyone with an Android device can use this free app. Let’s now go over some of the standout features of this app that make it better than the original.

Anti-Ban – These modded apps are not endorsed by the creators of WhatsApp and generally ban users who try to use these apps instead of the original version. This is a major concern for many people, and they limit themselves to mod apps for fear of being banned. However, this version comes with an anti-ban mechanism. So you will never get banned from WhatsApp, so you can use the better version without any worries.

Clean User Interface – MBWhatsApp has a very visceral, simple and easy-to-use interface. Special attention has been given to the design so that all options and functions can be easily located and accessed. Considering that WhatsApp is used by people of all ages, this clean interface makes it easier for everyone to use the app without much effort.

HIDE MEDIA IN GALLERY – Whenever we receive any media on WhatsApp, once you download it, it goes directly to your gallery. But with MBWhatsApp, users can hide all media in their gallery. It will be individually hidden from sight at first glance, ensuring your privacy.

App Wallpaper – If you’re tired of the classic solid color backgrounds, this is the app you’re looking for. MBWhatsapp provides a solution. You can choose any image of your choice as background and change it anytime. It’s fully customizable, and you can choose any look you want at any time.

Unlimited Media Sharing – The original version of WhatsApp had restrictions on sharing multimedia files. You can’t send any media files over 16Mb which is very frustrating as this is the minimum limit. But with MBWhatsApp, all these limitations are removed and you can even share high-quality pictures and videos with your friends. Have a movie on your phone that you wish your friends could watch too? Just download MBWhatsApp and you can share the whole movie without any problem.

Theme Store, Stickers & Emoji Packs – We all love sharing emojis and stickers because they definitely make conversation more fun and entertaining. Through MBWhatsApp, we can choose to download various stickers and emoji packs to make our chats with friends more enjoyable. Likewise, you can change the theme and skin of the app when you are bored and enjoy a refreshing look.

Call Blocking – Just like you do on your mobile phone, you can also block certain people from calling you. So if you have annoying friends or any business trying to spam you, you can activate this feature and avoid annoying calls.

Disable Forwarding Label – Whenever you forward any message anywhere or to anyone in WhatsApp, you will usually see a label at the top of the message that says “Forwarded”. However, with MBWhatsApp, you can disable the sticker and others will not be able to know that you have retweeted the message.

Undelete Messages and Status – Your contacts have sent messages or posted status updates multiple times, but before you can see them, they delete them. This makes you curious to know what was actually sent or posted. But with MBWhatsApp, you can get undelete feature. Through this, you can even see deleted messages and statuses, which will always keep you up to date.

Sending a message without saving their number – One of the very frustrating things in the original version of WhatsApp was that if you wanted to message someone new, you first had to save their number and then in the app Refresh your contacts in the program, then find that person and send them a message. However, with MBWhatsApp, you can text anyone without saving the number. This feature can be handy, especially if you have a business account.

MBWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version For Android

Just follow a few simple steps mentioned below and you can easily download MBWhatsApp APK latest version on your Android smartphone.

  • Click here to download MBWhatsApp APK latest version. MBWhatsapp APK latest version download link.
  • The download will start immediately. The file size is 40-50MB and should only take 2-3 minutes to download.
  • After the file is downloaded, it will be saved in the “Downloads” section of the device.
  • As long as you’re ready to mount it, you can use any file explorer to access the file.

How to install MBWhatsApp APK on Android Smartphone?

You need to follow the steps given below to proceed with installing MBWhatsApp latest version APK on your Smartphone –

1- Find the file you downloaded above on your device and click on it.

2- You will be prompted if you want to proceed with installing the app. Choose Yes and the installation will begin immediately.

3- The installation will be done in a few minutes. Then click on the application icon to open the application.

4- Enter your mobile number and a message with OTP will reach your device. Once the OTP is verified, you will be prompted to update your name and profile photo. If you have previous chat data stored on your device, you’ll see another prompt asking if you want to restore your previous messages. You can choose yes or no according to your preference.

5- The MBWhatsapp APK will load for a few minutes, then publish and you can start using it.

that’s it! Use it and modify and customize your WhatsApp the way you want. Please let us know if you found this useful or have any questions or concerns. Also, don’t forget to share your experiences and questions. Stay tuned for more such great mod apps and downloads.

common problem:

Since MBWhatsApp APK is very new, many questions arise about it. Let’s discuss some common questions that many people ask and address everyone’s concerns. Since it’s a mod app, it’s understandable for everyone to have concerns, so we answered some questions about the app so that users can fully understand the features and options in the app and make an informed decision when downloading s Choice.

Is MBWhatsApp free to download and use?

Yes, MBWhatsApp APK can be downloaded for free from the link provided below. You can use the app for free and enjoy all the features that come with it.

Is MBWhatsApp safe to use?

Yes, using MBWhatsApp is completely safe. It is used by thousands of users around the world, and the app ensures total data protection and security. Its anti-ban mechanism also allows you to use it without fear of being banned by the original WhatsApp creator.

Does MBWhatsApp allow to customize all settings?

Yes, MBWhatsApp allows users to make any changes to the app settings, giving them complete freedom and control over how they want to use the app.

Can you use Original WhatsApp and MBWhatsApp at the same time?

Original WhatsApp and MBWhatsApp cannot be used if the mobile number is the same. When you install MBWhatsApp and enter the same mobile number as in original WhatsApp, messages will start coming into MBWhatsApp. The original version will be disabled until you delete your number from MBWhatsApp or uninstall the app.

Can you install and use both Original WhatsApp and MBWhatsApp on one device if you enter different mobile numbers?

Yes, it is possible to use both original WhatsApp and MBWhatsApp on one device by entering different mobile numbers. Since the contact accounts are different, both apps will continue to receive messages.

When you start using MBWhatsApp, will you lose data from original WhatsApp?

After installation, when you start using MBWhatsApp, it will detect the WhatsApp data files in your device and ask you if you want to restore the messages. If you select Yes, then all your previous chats will be displayed in the app. However, if you choose No, then MBWhatsApp will start from scratch.

If you uninstall MBWhatsApp, will you get back your data from original WhatsApp?

No, because MBWhatsApp is a mod app and is not endorsed by WhatsApp, so if you uninstall MBWhatsApp and switch back to original WhatsApp, then your data from MBWhatsApp will not be transferred or detected.

Does MBWhatsApp work on all Android devices?

No, MBWhatsApp is not available for all Android devices. You need an Android device with Android version 4.4 or higher to use MBWhatsApp.

Does MBWhatsApp have regular security updates and feature upgrades?

Yes, MBWhatsApp developers are very active and understand the needs of users. Therefore, they regularly update features and make sure that the app is safe and secure for everyone to use.

Do you need a rooted device to install MBWhatsApp?

Root access is not required. You can follow the steps provided below to download and install MBWhatsApp APK and install it on your eligible Android devices without root access.

Pros and Cons of MBWhatsApp


You can use more functions and features available in MBWhatsApp mod. You will get many themes which will make your application attractive.


There are pros and cons to using this third party MBWhatsApp mod. You can get a malware virus that can infect your phone, and your privacy can be compromised because third-party developers gain access to your phone.


If you are looking for an instant messaging app with more features like WhatsApp, then you should choose MBWhatsApp, it will be the right choice for you. Here we have guided you through MBWhatsApp. So download this third party modified app and use it wisely on your mobile.

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