NM WhatsApp APK Download 2023: Sometimes referred to simply as NMWA, is one of the best modified WhatsApp versions of FM WhatsApp APK 2023 and WhatsApp Aero APK 2023 for official WhatsApp. As we all know WhatsApp is a globally renowned messenger app that uses our internet data and helps everyone send messages, and audio and video calls for free. But there are some limitations. WhatsApp has limited features, that’s why we have an alternative called NM WhatsApp APK 2023. We’re also constantly updating the download, so feel free to choose a different version.

What is NM WhatsApp APK 2023?

If you are confused about this, don’t worry, what is NM WhatsApp? There are millions of people who don’t know about this amazing WhatsApp mod, but the whole world will know, and we hope so. We provide NM WhatsApp APK Download 2023 for free. We also provide NM WhatsApp latest version. So enjoy!

Speaking of NM WhatsApp APK, it has many features that the official version does not have. Now, amazing modified versions are being developed that offer even more features than the original app ever could. If you don’t want this mod, check below to download some other great alternatives to NM WhatsApp. If you are also looking for NM WhatsApp 2023 then follow this article.

It’s free, safe, reliable, and awesome. no others.

Why use NM WhatsApp APK?

That’s why NM WhatsApp is so good and why it’s popular these days. Because it provides a lot of great features, such as the shared capacity of multimedia files being twice that of the official version. It has many hidden functions. Also, in this article, you can get information about NM WhatsApp features, advantages, disadvantages, and some frequently asked questions about its security and fair use, and finally the final verdict, where we will share our thoughts and be lovely with visitors interactions. So stay with us till the end so you can decide to download this app later without regretting it.

NM WhatsApp APK main features

NM WhatsApp’s latest version
This is the best part, everyone can know about the “NM WhatsApp Download” feature. The latest version has many features, including sharing multimedia files (compared to the official version, we can share larger and larger files using NM WhatsApp). There are hidden features, custom themes, multiple account support, and many other cool features.

Most of the features available on NM WhatsApp APK are not available in the official app and that’s why we all love NM WhatsApp 2023. You can read this article to know all the features and latest news about this particular mod.

In NM WhatsApp, a lot of improvements happened. Check it out below.

  • Send large files of video, audio, and images
  • Send video files up to 50 MB
  • Share audio files up to 100 MB
  • The original quality of the image when sent
  • Change video player in NM WhatsApp
  • Send more than 10 pictures
  • Shared video length is limited to 7 minutes instead of 30 seconds
  • Hidden Features/Privacy Features
  • There are some privacy features only in this mod. Check them out, they’re pretty fun and useful these days.
  • Hide double tick and online status
  • Hide reading message status and writing status
  • Ability to hide recording status
  • New themes, multiple accounts, and supported languages
  • People get bored when using the same old themes, but don’t worry, in NM WhatsApp, use new themes and check if they are available in your native language.
  • New NM Whatsapp theme
  • Create and use topics available to other NMWA users
  • Dual/Multiple WhatsApp Accounts
  • NM WA supports various new languages
  • Emojis, GIFs, Stickers, and Launchers
  • It supports and offers new icons, emojis, built-in sticker packs, and more.
  • new launcher icon
  • Emoji converter available
  • Customize the notification bar
  • Ability to add stickers from the in-game store
  • So many Gifs available, new ones are on the way
  • auto reply, copy status, always open
  • According to NMmod.Net, the best feature of NM WhatsApp is that we can use auto reply feature.
  • Copy anyone’s status by simply clicking on their status
  • always-on feature
  • Auto reply messages like WhatsApp Business
  • Some other cool features of NM Whatsapp
  • enable password
  • backup function
  • message scheduling
  • change last seen
  • Amazing new tick styles
  • Can connect to WhatsApp web, but features are not available

In the latest version, which was released recently this month, the app has received some fixes and improvements. As we can see, users are facing some bugs and glitches, like some bugs when adding sticker packs or when calling others in groups, well, check out the improvements here.

Bugs and bugs fixed, still counting.
Added more new emojis.
Now you can call the participants in the group.
Bug fixed when adding stickers from Google Play Store.
Crash when searching topics has been fixed.
More stable app from now on.
No need to worry about bans. NM WhatsApp is anti-ban.
Description of all NM WhatsApp functions
In this section of NM WhatsApp, the features are explained, so if you don’t know much about them, you can read all the information below. I hope it helps you understand the app.

Improved multimedia sharing
When we talk about the multimedia features of the official app, we encounter many problems, such as we cannot send videos and audios in larger sizes. We can neither open the received video on an external video player nor share a lengthy video with more images at a time. But in NM WhatsApp, we can send more than 10 images at a time and it is original quality.

At NMWA 2023, people can share 7-minute status videos, not just 30 seconds. We can share files up to 100 MB for an audio file and up to 50 MB for a video file at the same time. These functions are very useful in daily life.

Hide your online status
The official version does not have this hidden feature. We need more privacy today than in the past. Here we can do a lot in terms of hiding (NMWhatsApp Privacy Features). We can hide the double tick and hide our online status so we can stay private. We can do more things, such as hide our writing status, hide our recording status, hide reading message status, etc. All these great features are not available in the official app, which is why NM WhatsApp is a great alternative.

New themes, multiple accounts and languages

In the production version, we don’t have many options for new themes, only a limited number of themes. When we talk about multiple accounts, WhatsApp supports only one account. We need to use multi account application to use multi account.

It supports multiple accounts without any additional application like clone application. You can create 3-4 accounts in NMWA.

Emojis, GIFs, stickers and launcher icons

NM WhatsApp supports emoji converter option so that we can customize our emoji. It has new launcher icons so that we don’t get tired of using the same launcher icon for months on end. We can change and customize the notification bar icon in NM WhatsApp. Now, it also supports Play Store stickers. We can download any sticker set to use them. Also, we can find multi gif providers where we can enjoy using unlimited gifs in our chats. It also has many customization features not available in the original application.

auto reply function

Did you know about WhatsApp Business’ “Auto Reply” feature? Using this feature, you can reply to your WA contract while you are away. You can select a message for an automatic reply. This feature is also available here. Plus, you can copy someone else’s status just by clicking on their status. This is a cool feature of NM WhatsApp.

NM WhatsApp has an always-on feature. This way, you can present yourself online 24/7. Also, there are many other features like enable password, backup, message scheduler, change your last seen, amazing tick styles, connectable with WhatsApp Web, etc.

NM WhatsApp supports the web version, but all the extra features are not available there. You can also backup your chat history. This way you can restore them anytime. You can chat using the messaging plan in NM WhatsApp. You can change the last time you met for safety and other personal items.

Advantages of using NM WhatsApp 2023

After reading all the functions of NM WhatsApp, you must know its advantages. It has many features that the official app could never provide. You can share larger audio and video files, you can hide your online status and many more things you may have read in this article. But every app that has advantages also has some disadvantages. Read the article to learn more.

Some Cons of NM WhatsApp

As you know, NM WhatsApp has tons of incredible features. But the official development team does not recommend it. Prolonged use of this app may result in permanent banning of your WhatsApp account. So it is best to use a temporary number to prevent getting banned. Use NM WhatsApp APK for temporary use, never use your main number. wish all the best.

How to install NM WhatsApp APK 2023?

Before you go anywhere, you should read the installation guide for NM WhatsApp (NM WA). Sometimes people forget to read the installation guide and have problems installing this application. Follow some simple steps below to install it properly.

Step 1: NM WhatsApp Installation Guide
We need to enable this option as it is not available in official stores like Play Store.

Device Settings >> Security >> Permissions >> Enable Unknown Sources

Step 2: NM WhatsApp Installation Guide
After enabling installation from unknown sources, you must locate the APK file on your device. For this you have to go to your device storage, download and find the NM WhatsApp APK. Now, open the file and hit the install button and wait a few seconds. It depends on your device.

The installation is safely complete. Now you can open NM WhatsApp APK, create an account and enjoy all these features on your device. However, you may wish to obtain more information before exiting this website. Read the FAQs below to learn more about device security, multiple accounts, and more.

frequently asked questions

This section will give you answers to some frequently asked questions about NM WhatsApp. There are a few questions that come to our mind when using this application. So I’m here to take all your worries away and I hope this will help you.

Question 1. Why use “NM WhatsApp Update APK”?

It’s entirely your choice, as you know its pros and cons. NM WhatsApp latest version offers many very special and unique features. But as I told you, this is a modified version and not officially recommended. You can use NM WhatsApp on your device with a temporary number as this may result in your account being officially banned permanently. But temporary use of NM WhatsApp is fair.

Question 2. Can audio and video calls be made in NM WhatsApp latest update?

Yes, as we all know the importance of the calling function. In NM WhatsApp, there are audio and video calling functions. You just need a stable internet connection to enjoy this feature. Call any friend who uses WhatsApp without paying anything other than a wifi or data connection. Although some older versions of NM Whatsapp APK do not have this feature, it is a good choice to use the latest NM WhatsApp.

Question 3. How to update NM WhatsApp Beta version?

Without updates, any application will be limited, but with new updates and the introduction of new features, the application can work for a long time. That’s why NM WhatsApp is updated from time to time. You can update it by replacing the old application with the new one, just visit the official website to download the latest file.

Question 4. Is NM WhatsApp Update safe?

When we talk about device security, NM WhatsApp is safe because it does not require rooted devices. But using NM WhatsApp will get your account banned. So I suggest you use a temporary number. Never sign up for an account using your important phone number as this will result in your WhatsApp account being permanently banned.

Question 5. Can multiple accounts be used in NM Whatsapp APK?

Yes, you can use multiple WhatsApp mod accounts. Even you can use the official app and NM WhatsApp on the same device. But you need to use different numbers for the two applications. Because if you sign your official WhatsApp account on NM WhatsApp, then your official WhatsApp account will automatically expire. So if you are using the official WhatsApp on your device, you will need a secondary number to create an account.


After reading all the Features, Pros, Cons and FAQs, you must know about NM WhatsApp APK Download 2023. As I told you earlier, it has many features like hide many features i.e. hide online status, hide read messages, hide double tick etc. NM WhatsApp latest version provides tons of themes, custom themes and multimedia features. But apart from all these, it has disadvantages like banning your account permanently. Well, NM WhatsApp APK latest version is now available. Thank you for reading this article.

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