Tired of plain-looking WhatsApp and want finer control over it? Then you’ve come to the right place today; we’ll be discussing an unusual variant of Whatsapp that does more for you and gives you what you’ve been wishing for in a stock app since day one A complete set of functions. It’s called NSWhatsApp for Android, and in this post, we’ll discuss why you should switch to it and what new features NS WhatsApp Android APK brings.

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Communication technology has evolved a lot since its origins. It started with postcards and telegrams, and now, thanks to the internet, we can send and receive messages with media files instantly from anywhere in the world. It is the age of instant messaging that astounds us with its immense preeminence.

Over the past two decades, many platforms have adopted and worked on this technology, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Skype. But of all these platforms, WhatsApp is the most popular and traditional firmware. But many people are tired of using plain old WhatsApp and want something more exciting. We offer the fascinating MOD version of WhatsApp which was developed to customize your cravings for all those freaks, and this mod is Whatsapp NS. Get ready for the fascinating journey and download NSWhatsApp APK from the link mentioned below for more fun.

With NSWhatsApp for Android, you have extensive control over your last seen, blue tick, video limits, and more. You can do much more with Whatsapp NS for Android in a simple language than with the normal version. We also recommend you download and install the latest NS Whatsapp version file from the link given below as there are many fake versions online. Here are some key highlights of NSWhatsApp for Android.

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NS WhatsApp App Features:

1) Hide/lock your chat history

Chat privacy has always been important as it is one of the confidential data in our smartphones that we cannot share with any other person. Keeping this factor in mind, NSWhatsApp has an embedded chat lock feature that allows you to lock and hide all confidential chats. As far as the flow goes, you can hide your chats by long pressing on a specific chat and tapping on the three dots in the upper left corner, then you should select the Hide option. You will then be asked to lock it with a pattern lock to hide it.

Now to make it visible again, click on the Whatsapp logo in the top left corner, it will open the hidden chat list; then, press and hold on the specific conversation there, click on the three dots, and select “Mark as visible”, it will still show up in the regular message List.

2) Theme your Whatsapp

That’s one step above then just changing your wallpaper on Whatsapp because NS Whatsapp provides you with tons of themes to choose from. It also changes various accents of the app and all minor aspects of Whatsapp. Overall, this is a bespoke binge for those who like to spice up everything on Android. To download the theme, just tap Apply and NS Whatsapp APK will download and use the theme.

Go to NS Settings > Download Theme > When you tap Apply, it will ask you to restart your phone and apply all the new elements of the theme! Now with the latest version, you can design themes.

3) Lock the chat history of a specific contact

In NSWhatsapp for Android Apk, you can lock any chat you want, whether it is a personal contact or a group, you can lock it with a password. Here’s a better way than hiding chats. Here are the instructions.

Just tap that conversation, then tap the three vertical dots.
A menu will appear; within that menu, you will find the option “Lock chat”,
Just select it and you’ll be asked for a passcode to lock it. That’s all.
Also, you can change the password for locked chats at any time.

4) Change everything: icons, ticks, and everything related to appearance

As we said before, this modded WhatsApp allows you to customize every aspect of it. When you explore them, you’ll find various settings there, and now, you don’t need to root your phone to make all these customizations. NSWhatsApp allows you to customize the entire interface of the app, including headers, footers, and message walls as well as tabs, and font size. With this customization, you can also change font style, tick style, and notification icons from a list of 20+ special styles for each category. Well, it doesn’t end there, since it’s a fully customizable Android app, it’s hard to list all the customizable assets. So must download and try this version on your smartphone; it will amaze you.

5) Multiple Whatsapp accounts

Yes, there are apps like Parallel Space on the Google Play Store that do this sort of thing, but NS WhatsApp has this built in so you don’t need a separate app. You can use two different numbers and run those personal accounts smoothly with this modified Whatsapp. Don’t worry about your convenience; we have attached NSWhatsApp APK direct download link.

6) Multilingual support

Supports more than ten different international languages. Full versions in ten languages, so everyone can read, use and enjoy all of its features – no matter which region you live in.

7) Hide your typing status/scale/recording status etc.

If you’ve ever thought about it, you get messages from your contacts in chat, but you never see the “typing” status the way everyone else sees it. That’s because they’re using NSWhatsapp, which not only hides your last seen and blue tick but also hides your typing status, leaving everyone in the dark wondering when you typed; quite impressive.

You can also hide the blue tick, which means that even if you have read the message, the contact who sent you the message won’t see the tick turn blue, indicating that the message has been viewed. With NS WhatsApp you can hide it and the sender won’t know if you have read the message or not.

8) Message scheduling

Yes, you read that right. You can also schedule messages using NSWhatsapp, to do this, open Settings; by tapping on the three vertical dots in the upper left corner, you will see the option listed as Message Schedule.

Now, click on it and you will see a new popup where you have to enter the contact you want to send the message to. Next is the message itself. After that, you should enter the date to schedule it; after selecting the date, next, you must enter the time, and save.

The message will be sent when it arrives on the date and time you choose, so it’s a handy, neat little utility that should honestly make its way into the official app as well.

9) Greater video-sharing limits

Video size compatibility is of the utmost importance when using instant messaging apps, as all the latest camera phones can capture HD videos, which are very large when sent on WhatsApp. If you are using the official WhatsApp application, you can only send videos up to 16MB, but NSWhatsapp APK can meet your requirements; after installation, you can send videos up to 125MB. But wait, there’s a catch, and it doesn’t affect much. You see, when you select any video whose size is more than 50MB and the maximum size is 125MB, WhatsApp will compress it to 50MB and then you can send it to any contact or group. But you don’t need to worry too much, because the video compression of Whatsapp NS is much better than the official one. After all, it will never reduce the video quality. enjoy it! !!

10) You can send 90 videos and pictures at a time

WhatsApp is a do-it-all Android app because it includes almost everything you could ever want from WhatsApp. Most of the official WhatsApp users switch to different messaging services like Telegram and Viber because it is only compatible with sharing small size and small media files. But now, with NS Whatsapp, your limit for sending photos and videos has been raised, and now you will be able to send up to 90 images and videos to individual chats as well as groups.

Following are all Whatsapp features of NSWhatsapp for Android.

  • Added payment options.
  • New cool emoji.
  • You can send over 30 documents.
  • You can make Whatsapp calls to non-contacts.
  • Several new Whatsapp group features.
  • New media auto-download feature.
  • New privacy features.
  • Always-on mode.
  • Password protected chat lock and app lock.
  • Ability to customize application icons.
  • Added message dispatcher.
  • Image/video effects.
  • Message filtering.
  • There is an auto-reply feature.
  • Undo message function.
  • Do not disturb mode.
  • Fixed video call bug.
  • 255 character status.
  • Selective text copy is running.
  • Up to 600 people broadcast.
  • no banned issue
  • Now finally supports more than 100 languages.
  • cool theme.
  • Cool-looking wallpaper.
  • Dual mode is better.
  • You can now send 90 images at a time.
  • multicast.

In conclusion, I just want to say that if you want to get more of your Whatsapp everyday usage, you should check out WhatsApp APK. Unfortunately for iPhone users, NSWhatsApp for iPhone or iOS is not yet available. However, Whatsapp dark mode has been officially supported in iOS for a long time.

Features offered by NS WhatsApp APK Update

  • This update extends the validity of the application to 20/12/2022 until the new base update is completed.
  • Fixed an issue with WhatsApp closing when opening a new conversation.
  • Users can now play video content without downloading.
  • It allows users to schedule messages.
  • Let users automatically reply when they are busy/unavailable.
  • It has a “Do Not Disturb” option that stops incoming messages.
  • Let users send 90 images at a time instead of the usual 10.
  • It also allows users to change the color or app icon.
  • Let users copy a contact’s presence and republish it and more with just one click.

How to install NS Whatsapp APK on Android

Installing NSWhatsApp Latest APK on your smartphone is a simple task; below are the various steps that will help you install the app on your smartphone.

Step 1. Download NS Whatsapp APK or Plus or NS Whatsapp Pro APK file from the link given above (Downloading and installing it from this link is completely safe and it is free from any malware or spyware)

Step 2. Go to your file manager application and open the downloaded APK.

Step 3. Now, if you are installing an APK for the first time, you must go to settings and enable installation from unknown sources.

Step 4. The app will now start installing and once the installation is complete you will need to verify your Whatsapp number.

Now you can easily use Whatsapp NS APK on your smartphone.

NOTE – It works on both rooted and unrooted Android phones.

If you have any problem downloading or installing NSWhatsapp, please leave a comment below.

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