WhatsApp is one of the largest messaging service platforms in the world. Millions of users around the world use WhatsApp every day. Its clean UI and ease of use along with its huge user base are some of the main reasons for its popularity.

But this clean and simple look can sometimes be a bit boring to many people. Plus, WhatsApp still doesn’t have many of the features and customizable options that many other messaging platforms offer. So if you too are bored with regular Whatsapp and want to try out new features and customize the look of the app according to your choice, then you are in the right place as we are going to discuss the Whatsapp variants that allow you to do the same. Many Whatsapp Mods are available such as GBWhatsApp, Whatsapp Plus, YOWhatsApp, TM Whatsapp, FM Whatsapp, and FM Whatsapp.

This new variant of WhatsApp is the OGWhatsApp app and in this article, we will tell you its amazing features, how to download it, and the steps to install it on your smartphone without losing any data.

What is OGWhatsApp?

OGWhatsApp is a revamped app that brings new options, features, and customizations to regular WhatsApp, giving the app a new look and allowing users more control over the app and how it looks and functions.

Many existing features of WhatsApp have been enhanced and more features have been added to this app. Lots of people love its stunning themes, great and fast performance, and most importantly, its unique and fresh user interface.

Although there are more modified versions of WhatsApp available, OGWhatsApp stands out because the app focuses on providing users with a high-quality experience, unlike many apps that include features but are of lower quality. What users appreciate most is that it adds many features and options, while maintaining the original beauty and authenticity of the application.

Now let’s take a look at some of the changes and features that make WhatApp Aero a great alternative to the original WhatsApp.

What are the main functions of OGWhatsApp?

1- Change Theme – The regular version of WhatsApp has only one theme and you can change it to the light mode or dark mode at most. But with OGWhatsApp MOD you can choose from over 3000 themes to make WhatsApp look just the way you want. Instead of the same boring look every day, you can try a different look almost every day.

2- Change Font – Another customization option that comes with OGWhatsApp is to change the font size. This can give the app a new look and allow users to use it however they want.

3- Undelete/Undo messages and statuses – Our contacts often delete some messages or statuses before we even read them. This can be frustrating at times because it makes you curious. But with the help of Undelete feature on OGWhatsApp, you can even read messages and the status of contacts that have been permanently deleted. This is a great feature because your contacts can never hide anything from you.

4- Hide flag/date/time/forward – While you can only turn off read receipts in WhatsApp, i.e. hide the blue flag so others don’t know if you’ve read the message or not, with OGWhatsApp you can go a step further and even Single and double ticks can be hidden. In addition to this, the application allows you to hide the date and time while copying. Even forwarding indicators can be hidden from forwarded messages. This can be a handy feature if you want to have maximum privacy and don’t want your contacts to know if a message has been received or read.

5- Emoji variants – OGWhatsApp has more emoji variants than regular WhatsApp. You have hundreds of emojis to choose from to make travel chatting fun. Also, it allows you to add emojis from Facebook for more emoji options.

6- Anti-Ban – The biggest fear of users who want to try WhatsApp mods is that WhatsApp usually bans these users. Many users even avoid WhatsApp Mods due to this fear. But OGWhatsApp Aero is one of the safest WhatsApp mods because it has the latest anti-ban system. You can download the latest version of the app from below and enjoy this amazing app without fear of getting banned.

7- Built-in Locker – OGWhatsApp comes with a built-in locker in the app. This allows you to lock chats and ensure privacy. Usually, users have to download a separate app to protect their chats, but with OGWhatsApp APK, you can protect your chats without using any external apps.

8- Fast Performance – One thing most other WhatsApp modder apps struggle with is performance. Most of them offer fancy features but are difficult to implement due to slow performance and bugs. However, OGWhatsApp Mod APK has solved these problems and is the fastest-performing WhatsApp mod available. You won’t experience any lags or bugs, and you’ll get the same smooth experience as on the original WhatsApp.

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How to download and install OGWhatsApp APK on Android?

This guide will give you step-by-step help to download and install OGWhatsApp Mod APK Mod. If you want to install the OGWhatsApp app on your Android smartphone right away, then read on.

Download OGWhatsApp Mod APK

You can download it directly to your device by clicking on the download link mentioned below. This will be saved in your device’s Downloads section, which you can access through your file manager.

Install OGWhatsApp APK on Android

Installing OGWhatsApp Mod is fairly simple. Take a look at the steps below to understand it clearly.

  • Go to your device settings. Click Security, then click Permissions, then find “Enable installation from unknown sources” and enable it to allow apps to be installed directly.
  • Now go to your file manager, click download and find the OGWhatsApp APK you downloaded above.
  • Click on the OGWhatsApp APK file and hit the Install button on Next. The installation will start and finish shortly.
  • Sign in with a new account – Once installed, open the app and create your account. You will need to enter your mobile number and enter it when you receive the OTP. If you have any backup chats, you can now find the option to restore them.
  • Messages will be restored within minutes (depending on the total number of messages you want to restore). Your application is now ready to use. Now you can start chatting, customizing, and enjoying all the amazing features of OGWhatsApp APK.
  • Note – OGWhatsApp APK can be installed and used on both rooted and unrooted Android smartphones and is completely free to use. If you encounter any difficulties during the download or installation process, please leave a comment below, we will help you as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions

There are some questions that may come to your mind about OGWhatsApp APK. Here is an FAQ section that may help you. Read the article below to get more information about the latest version of OGWhatsApp.

Question 1. How to update my OGWhatsApp 2023?

To update your OGWhatsApp APK, all you have to do is visit our website to download the latest version. this is very simple. We provide latest mod APK for WhatsApp and Instagram. There are a lot of sites that don’t serve APKs and just show ads. We object to such sites. That’s why we created a one-click download button for downloading APKs. Update your OGWhatsApp APK easily and spend less time on my website.

Question 2. Can I get banned on OGWhatsApp APK?

No, you will not get banned on OGWhatsApp APK because it uses Fouad Mods’ anti-ban mechanism to help your account not get banned. Even there is a 2% chance of being banned, so you can uninstall and install OGWhatsApp and re-enter your account information and it will work fine.

Question 3. Is OGWhatsApp APK safe to use?

Yes. OGWhatsApp APK is 100% safe for your device. We provide anti-malware apps on our website that are safe and do not require rooted devices. When it comes to modding, you can trust us. Download OGWhatsApp APK now to enjoy all the great features including beautiful themes, awesome interface and more.

Question 4. Which is the latest WhatsApp mod?

OGWhatsApp is the latest mod for WA. It was recently developed by Bozkurt Hazarr with the help of Fouad Mods and YoWhatsApp. It has all the features found in some popular mods for WhatsApp like Fouad mod and YOWA. But what is special about OGWhatsApp is that its performance is very fast, it has thousands of themes and an awesome WhatsApp interface that is unbelievable and unique. Download the latest version of OGWhatsApp from our website now.

Question 5. Why can’t I find OGWhatsApp in the Google Play Store?

Sorry, you can’t find OGWhatsApp in the official store because it’s not an official app. OGWhatsApp is the latest mod for WhatsApp which has a beautiful interface and is different from all the mods for WhatsApp available on the internet at the moment. It was developed by third-party developer Bozkurt Hazarr. It’s not officially released on the app store. Because it is a modified version of the official WhatsApp. These mods are not affiliated with WhatsApp official. In some cases, using WhatsApp mods can get your account banned, but the latest mods are making progress and improvements that won’t get your account banned.


All the information about OGWhatsApp is given in the above article, if you face any confusion, you can analyze it again. Read about its features and make up your mind to download this app. Also, you can use two phone numbers in this app, which is not available in other modes of WhatsApp.

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