Communication is one of the most important aspects of everyday life. Digital innovations in websites make this job easier. Over the years, a large community of developers has built different types of social networks such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. Whatsapp is one of the most widely used and influential social networks out there. WhatsApp is a freeware, centralized messaging framework, and Voice over IP service (VoIP) in the United States.

Whatsapp users can send text and voice messages, make voice and video calls, and exchange photos, notes, user locations, and other content with just one click. Client programs for WhatsApp are available on portable devices and personal computers. WhatsApp has launched WhatsApp Enterprise, a unique business app for small business owners, allowing them to connect with customers using the traditional WhatsApp client. Despite its popularity, many features of WhatsApp are still absent. So, the developers have made an updated version of WA Tweaker for WhatsApp.

What is WA Tweaker for WQhatsApp?

WA Tweaker for WhatsApp is a messaging app that lets you customize all your messages, create custom backgrounds for each friend, and adjust font size. Also includes a variety of emojis, the ability to send full-size pictures and videos, and the ability to send over 700 images at once. Finally, the software allows you to overwrite contacts’ data. WA Tweaker for WhatsApp is the brainchild of Yousef Al-Basha. WA Tweaker for WhatsApp stands out from other Whatsapp mods due to some additional features provided by the app editor and mod lovers. The best performers are the updated versions of WhatsApp. It’s also not available on the Google Play Store, so get it from third-party sites. WA Tweaker for WhatsApp Rootless APK should be used in conjunction with the official WhatsApp application or some other WhatsApp mod application.

WA Tweaker for WhatsApp latest version information:

APP NAMEWA Tweaker for WhatsApp
Number of Downloads30000+
Last Updated1 Day Ago

Top downloads:

Features of WA Tweaker for WhatsApp

WA Tweaker for WhatsApp is different from the Whatsapp part because the mod version has various upgrades. Some key features of WA Tweaker for WhatsApp are mentioned below which will help in navigating as per requirement.

  • The names of project participants are presented colorfully.
  • Tick to hide messages from the view
  • Change the appearance of tick marks.
  • Outside the message bubble, the contact image
  • Color of unread message text
  • hide the gallery from view
  • Dividers should be hidden.
  • API lock default
  • Turn off vibration.
  • Change the color of the message counter text.
  • Remove custom anonymity for contacts.
  • When listening to voicemails, turn off notifications.
  • Customize hidden names for contacts or companies.
  • After responding, a blue tick will appear.
  • Features of theme store themes
  • The user interface is attractive.
  • Set a picture as the background of your home screen.
  • Modify an application’s icon
  • call blocking software
  • Imagine yourself chatting.
  • New Whatsapp emojis and styles to hide names of people you talk to
  • messages that cannot be deleted
  • With a few touches, you can hide your status.
  • It allows you to send longer videos.

WA Tweaker for WhatsApp APK Installation Requirements

WA Tweaker for WhatsApp is a mod version of WhatsApp so the installation process is completely different. Since WA Tweaker for WhatsApp is not available in Playstore, it has to be downloaded from a third-party website. There are some main requirements that are essential for apk installation.

  • One must have an Android device.
  • Before installing WA Tweaker for WhatsApp APK, the official WhatsApp must be uninstalled first.
  • One must have access to the Internet.
  • WA Tweaker for WhatsApp on Android: How to Get and Install It (ANDROID)
  • The download and installation process of WA Tweaker for WhatsApp is slightly different from the normal installation. While the process is straightforward, you may run into some issues while doing it. So, one might wonder about the easiest way to start using WA Tweaker for WhatsApp application. WA Tweaker for WhatsApp should be installed successfully by following the steps above.
  • Download from this site
  • Uninstall previously installed WhatsApp files.
  • Install WA Tweaker for WhatsApp apk file on your smartphone, open the application after downloading.
  • After the installation is complete, you need to enter your mobile phone number for identity verification.
  • Enter a phone number and select your country from the chart. To check your device, you will receive an OTP.
  • It is now possible to customize WhatsApp profile by adding name and profile picture.
  • Click on the two dots (menu) option in the upper right corner and select WA Tweaker for WhatsApp.
  • Now see a summary of all the features that WA Tweaker for WhatsApp has to offer in the latest WA Tweaker for WhatsApp update.

WA Tweaker for WhatsApp on Android: How to Get and Install It (iPhone)

The download and installation process for iOS devices is slightly different than for Android. The above steps should be followed to successfully install WA Tweaker for WhatsApp in ios:

  • open safari browser
  • Visit the third-party app store
  • Just click the “Install Now” button to install it.
  • Go to Mobile Settings, tap General, then Profiles.
  • Install the Tweakbox app from there.
  • Go to the Apps section in the tweakbox.
  • Click on the adjusted application.
  • Find whatsapp++ and select it
  • click the install button
  • Launch WA Tweaker for WhatsApp from home screen to check your phone number and start using it.

Main part of WA Tweaker for WhatsApp

As we discussed before, WA Tweaker for WhatsApp is very different from the actual whatsapp app. Usually used whatsapp app provides limited functionality whereas mod version provides a bunch of functionality. Some main parts of WA Tweaker for WhatsApp are mentioned below:


WA Tweaker for WhatsApp, like the original WhatsApp, helps us make voice and video calls and chat. This section is dedicated to this purpose. It works similarly to the chat section. It showed a list of all the contacts we had talked to before, as well as a phone-shaped icon that enabled us to initiate a call with any of our contacts. To make a voice or video call, we simply scroll down the list and click on the phone or camera button, depending on our preference. There is a special trash can icon in the lower right corner that can be used to delete the entire directory of incoming and outgoing calls.

menu selection

WA Tweaker for WhatsApp is a modified version of whatsapp, so some of the available options are different and unique. In WA Tweaker for WhatsApp, at the top of the interface, we can see the mod name, and the rest of the icons to the right, which vary depending on the region we are looking at.

vertical point

These three points have different functions in different scenarios. For example in chat section these three dots will be used for group creation, new broadcast, whatsapp web, starred messages, WA Tweaker for WhatsApp, restart WA Tweaker for WhatsApp, and settings options. In the status section, the points will utilize status privacy and general settings. In the call section, the dots add the option to delete call logs and settings.

New Group: Create a new group.

New Broadcast: Start a new transmission.

WhatsApp Web: For desktop web version configuration.

Starred Text: Bookmarked messages as favorites.

WA Tweaker for WhatsApp: Settings for the MOD itself.

Restart WA Tweaker for WhatsApp: App restarts.

Settings: Global settings for the application.

Status:Status Tab is one of the most popular sections in WA Tweaker for WhatsApp. This tab allows users to post photos, videos and text messages that are only kept for 24 hours. Text, video, and photos are included as temporary posts, so the number of views is as follows.

Features in WA Tweaker for WhatsApp section

In WA Tweaker for WhatsApp there are several important features that set it apart from the original version. Some features can be found in mod version with all the extra settings.

WA Tweaker for WhatsApp Theme

WA Tweaker for WhatsApp is where you can download new graphic themes, and diverse and original app templates. The catalog has over 5,000 options; there are even options for importing templates, saving changes, and resetting settings.

Privacy and Security

It is one of the most important features of any online platform. So WA Tweaker for WhatsApp has some privacy features. From blocking last link time to preventing message deletion. Encryption mode should also be used to ensure that no one can read or access the messages.


WA Tweaker for WhatsApp Mod allows to personalize the app’s layout. It utilizes features such as modifying colors, switching font styles, wallpapers, and menus. This option has many features that make it unique, and the number of options is almost limitless.

Home screen

Another great feature of WA Tweaker for WhatsApp is the personalization of the home screen. People can tweak everything about it, from the title to the chat list, and the actions of the floating buttons. The Status section also has some options.

dialogue screen

The settings are the same, except this time they are designed for chat. Top menus, text boxes, emoticons, and emoticon behaviors.

WA Tweaker for WhatsApp Widget

This is another unique feature that allows to change the color of android widgets from the application.


It is a basic feature that helps to check if there is a new version available or shows the changelog of the latest update that was performed.

Share WA Tweaker for WhatsApp with your friends

Though it is not available in the app store but sharing the direct download link of WA Tweaker for WhatsApp is beneficial to many people. This section is useful for forwarding application information with others.

Advantages of WA Tweaker for WhatsApp

Some basic advantages of using WA Tweaker for WhatsApp are mentioned below:

  • The app will look brand new with a custom theme.
  • More pictures can be shared at one time.
  • When you forward a message, the forwarded label will not appear.
  • If you allow airplane/do not disturb mode, you can use your phone without being disturbed by WhatsApp messages.
  • When someone sends you a message by mistake, undelete message/status deletes them. It will remain on your phone indefinitely.

Cons of WA Tweaker for WhatsApp

  • WA Tweaker for WhatsApp APK has some disadvantages that you should be aware of before downloading it.
  • WA Tweaker for WhatsApp is not an official version and may be a security risk
  • Application data cannot be backed up to Google Drive.
  • Runs a bit slower than official WhatsApp.

Is WA Tweaker for WhatsApp a safe platform?

A large number of users have already hung up on WA Tweaker for WhatsApp. Still, the modernization of the app took a long time, with some users reporting glitches and crashes. The application has passed its modification time. No more development issues. You don’t have to think about ransomware or adware because it’s completely safe and stable.


WA Tweaker for WhatsApp was developed to provide users with exclusive features. WA Tweaker for WhatsApp v1.7.3 APK is an updated version with improved features. Although the availability of mod apps is very large, WA Tweaker for WhatsApp apk is considered as the best app. WA Tweaker for WhatsApp enhances the functionality of the original software by incorporating customization options. It is almost similar to official WhatsApp but it has some unique options to personalize the design. Since it is installed from third-party website, it is necessary to know the major security issues to avoid any risk. To prevent any problems, the above download protocol should be considered.

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