In the process of using WhatsApp, we often have the idea of “if this function can be more perfect”, and now YoWhatsApp solves this problem. Download now YoWhatsApp apk made by the Yoapps team to enjoy enhanced WhatsApp features.

What is YoWhatsApp?

YoWhatsApp is a new mod version developed by a third-party company based on the original WhatsApp. So compared to WhatsApp, YoWhatsApp 2023 is not only completely free but also has richer software functions, such as more theme choices, more privacy settings, etc. YoWhatsApp is worth a try.

Currently, WhatsApp prohibits third-party mod versions, so it is not possible to download YoWhatsApp apk on google Play. The Yoapps team is made up of WhatsApp mod fans from all over the world.

What new features have been added in the latest version of YoWhatsApp?

YoWhatsApp Anti-Ban

Whatsapp is banning their accounts for some unusual activities like uploading 5 minutes long videos on the YoWhatsApp app status. But now with this version on YoWhatsApp, you don’t have to worry about this stuff anymore as this has been fixed on YoWhatsApp version ic_update_gbwa.png. If you want to avoid getting your account banned, please do not overuse the extra features that the YoWhatsApp apk official Whatsapp version apk does not provide.

Richer stickers and themes

The latest version of YoWhatsApp adds lots of fun stickers and 100+ themes. Interesting chat scenes are inseparable from ecological stickers.

If you are also tired of the green theme of WhatsApp, YoWhatsApp now has more themes to choose from, choose your favorite theme in the “Theme Store”. Besides the 100+ themes provided by YoWhatsApp, you can also customize your favorite themes.

[Exclusive] Barrier-free photo sharing with friends

In addition, in the latest version, we can also use the LivePic Widget tool to share pictures with friends without barriers. Of course, this feature only exists in a small number of test machines.

【Exclusive】Caller Identification

Identify and warn you about unwanted phone numbers (Brazil, India, and Indonesia only). With the development of the Internet, unknown call harassment caused by information leakage occurs from time to time, and now the YoWhatsApp apk solves this problem for you.

If the phone number of the caller has been marked as an advertising phone number by many users, when you receive such a phone number, you will also receive an incoming call reminder from YoWhatsApp.

【Exclusive】Support data backup

There are two reasons why many users are still hesitant to use YoWhatsApp. On the one hand, they are worried about whether the software is safe, and on the other hand, they cannot synchronize the chat history. The security of the YoWhatsApp apk by the Yoapps team can stand any test, no need to worry about software security.

As for chat history synchronization, I’m happy to tell you that Yoapps YoWhatsApp now supports chat backup, whether it’s backing up original chat history from WhatsApp to YoWhatsApp, or backing up existing chat history from YoWhatsApp.

YoWhatsApp Version Information

Number of Downloads400000+
Last Updated1 Day Ago

How to install the latest YoWhatsApp apk?

If you are installing YoWhatsApp apk for the first time:

Step 1: Download the latest YoWhatsApp apk

Step 2: After downloading the APK file, you need to go to Phone Settings -> Privacy or Security -> Unknown Sources -> Tap Enable.

Step 3: After the download is complete, click the browser prompt to start the installation.

Step 4: Wait for YoWhatsApp to download resources.

Step 5: Log in to YoWhatsApp to explore awesome features!

If you already have an old version of the YoWhatsApp apk, now update to the latest version:

Step 1: Open the old YoWhatsApp

Step 2: Click on the three dots icon in the upper right corner.

Step 3: Select GB Settings

Step 4: Click on the “Upgrade GB” option. Once clicked, the update will download automatically.

What are the amazing features of YoWhatsApp?

YoWhatsApp has undergone a total of 70 version updates, and the software functions have been continuously improved in each version update. What are the unique features of YoWhatsApp now?

[EXCLUSIVE] Facebook Messenger Chat Head: When you receive a new message on Messenger, a new message popup will appear where you can read the full conversation and reply without leaving whatever app you’re currently using. Replies are available even after you send them, so you can quickly get back to chatting without opening Messenger.

DND (Do Not Disturb) mode: If you are studying or working and do not want to be disturbed by social software, turn on the Do Not Disturb mode, and you will not receive any message prompts during the setup process.

Hidden chat records: When some chat records are important and cannot be deleted, but you do not want to be exposed to the existing chat list, you can use the hidden chat function.

[EXCLUSIVE] Locate Your Friends: See your friends or family’s real location on the map.

Dynamic theme background: If the theme background is too monotonous, you can set a dynamic theme.

[Exclusive] Dynamic stickers: Monotonous pictures are not attractive enough, adding dynamic stickers can enrich chat content.

Video call for up to 8 people: Support online video calls for up to 8 people at the same time.

Color phone: In voice call chat, you can customize the chat background.

Real-time filters/stickers for video calls: Stickers make video chats more fun, and filters make users no longer worry about facial blemishes being magnified in videos.

Dark Mode Support: Support for another background mode.

You can freeze your last browsing: the record of the last browsing content will be kept, and you can continue browsing the next time you open the app.

Dialogue text translation: You can directly translate the languages of different countries.

[EXCLUSIVE] Custom Contacts Privacy: If users only want to show their personal private information to some of their friends on WhatsApp, they can customize the privacy settings.

Message anti-deletion: messages deleted by the other party can still be kept in the chat content.

Hide viewing status: If you don’t want everyone to know that you’ve been following their posts. WhatsApp lets you hide your views on these status posts.

Color Contact Screen: Customize the text color of your contacts. As shown in the picture below, set the name of the connection to red.

The WANH portal provides an attachment button: when chatting, you can send more detailed link information from other websites in the form of attachments.

Show blue tick after reply: In WhatsApp, we read a friend’s messages, and the blue tick will appear, but when we want to read a friend’s message but don’t want to show a blue tick, use the YoWhatsApp setting.

You can change the checkbox style and bubble style: the current chat bubble style is too dull and not cute enough, use YoWhatsApp to change the bubble settings.

Different new emojis: More emojis to choose from Yoapps YoWhatsApp.

[EXCLUSIVE] You can customize the list of who can call me: On official WhatsApp, anyone can reach you by phone number, which is annoying for privacy-conscious users. Now on YoWhatsApp, you can decide who can contact you on WhatsApp through settings without being disturbed by strangers.

Profile Picture Zoom: You can zoom in or out directly on the picture in your profile.

Contact online toast: You can directly get the list of online friends on WhatsApp in real-time.

Optimize bubble style:

Only the YoWhatsApp apk can send more than 10 pictures:

Customized privacy for groups and chats: WhatsApp allows anyone who has your phone number to add you to groups. I think many WhatsApp users have the common experience of being added to inexplicable group chats. YoWhatsApp now has a group chat setting where the user decides who can add you to the group chat.

Create a new group with one click: The fastest way to create a group chat.

Vibrate for private chats: You can set reminders for private chats.

1000+ chats can now be pinned: WhatsApp only allows 3 chats to be pinned, while YoWhatsApp allows 1000 chats to be pinned.

[Exclusive] Send over 1000+ media at once

[Exclusive] Send video up to 80MB: Among all YoWhatsApp software, only Yoapps can support sending video sizes up to 80M, other YoWhatsApp only supports video sizes up to 50M.

Send Extra Long (5 Minutes) & High-Quality Status: Upload Long Videos on WhatsApp Status.

[EXCLUSIVE] Send photos up to 100 megapixels with 100% image quality: Did you know that official WhatsApp compresses pictures in our chats, so if you can’t send high-quality pictures through WhatsApp chats. But now Yoapps YoWhatsApp supports high-quality image transfer.

Ad-free: no ads to bother you

Set story video to 5 minutes: The status duration for WhatsApp story video is 30 seconds.

How to back up your YoWhatsApp chat history?

If you have used YoWhatsApp for a while and want to back up your chat history to other devices. We recommend using Google Drive to back up YoWhatsApp chat history. Before backup, you need to prepare:

1. Activate a Google account on your device.

2. You have enough free space on your device to create a backup.

3. Strong and stable internet connection.

Step 1: Open YoWhatsApp.

Step 2: Tap the 3 dots > GB Settings > Backup and Restore

Step 3: Choose the Google account you want to back up your chats to.

Step 4: Click Backup to Google and select “Only when I click “Backup”.

Step 5: Click Backup.

How to backup WhatsApp messages to YoWhatsApp?

If you want to backup WhatsApp messages to YoWhatsApp, the whole can be divided into 2 steps, export chat history from WhatsApp messages, and upload this part of chat history to YoWhatsApp.

Step 1: Export Chats from WhatsApp Messages: Go to WhatsApp > Tap More Options > Settings > Chats > Chat Backup > Backup.

Step 2: Upload this chat to YoWhatsApp: Download and install YoWhatsApp, when you start YoWhatsApp you will see the chat recovery option. Click the corresponding chat file to complete the backup.

How to use YoWhatsApp apk on an IOS system and PC?

YoWhatsApp apk was originally completed by a senior Android engineer, and the subsequent YoWhatsApp mod version is also modified based on the original Android version, and Whatsapp prohibits mods, so the current YoWhatsApp apk on the market is the Android version. If users want to use YoWhatsApp on IOS and PC, they need to use corresponding emulators. Be careful if sites are claiming that they have YoWhatsApp for iOS.

How to use YoWhatsApp on IOS:

Many users are looking for an IOS version of WhatsApp mod, but unfortunately, there is currently no iPhone version of YoWhatsApp.

How to use YoWhatsApp on PC:

There is no official WhatsApp for windows. If you want to use YoWhatsApp apk on Windows, you have to download an emulator for it. Only through the emulator, you can use any Android application. There are many emulators online. We recommend Bluestack as it is one of the best emulators out there.

How to use YoWhatsApp on the web:

Most of the users who work in the office, can’t use their phones again when they are working on the desktop. Hence, the YoWhatsApp apk network features that form them play an important role. Whatsapp web is a normal feature that is also available in official Whatsapp. Many users asked us “Does YoWhatsApp support WhatsApp web feature”. The answer is yes. You can use this feature on the YoWhatsApp apk. YoWhatsApp gives you features that the official version doesn’t have.


The Yoapps team salutes the developer of WhatsApp Unclone who built great mods and inspired us to build new versions of WhatsApp Unclone and extend its life of WhatsApp Unclone.

WhatsApp Unclone is an enhanced and customized mode of the original WhatsApp. It’s based on a WhatsApp mod that WhatsApp creators discontinued when they simplified WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Unclone Mod is in circulation all the time so we have WhatsApp Unclone and if you are a developer you can easily customize it. WhatsApp Unclone has a tweaked user interface for added functionality and uses the same license and agreement as WhatsApp.

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  1. I love this app. Most of my friends and family just migrated to it because of the convenience voice notes and video chat provide. That said, I wish there was an option to limit automatic downloads of pictures and videos for individual/group chats rather than the entire app. I have some chats I like to keep photos of, but others not so much, so the fact that I have to go into my folders to delete manually is a bit annoying. That’s why I took one star away. Otherwise, this is a very good app.

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